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Minimize Divorce's Impact

Whether it is a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement, a child custody issue, a complex property division or any other legal issues that might arise regarding a marriage or domestic partnership, you will need a skilled attorney who concentrates in divorce and family court matters. Family Law can be a very complex area of litigation with many moving parts with issues arising such as custodial arrangements and equitable distribution of property, custody and parenting plans for minor child(ren).

Divorce is always life altering and every family is different. Our goal is to minimize the impact that can have, especially in connection with the best interests of the children. Each case is handled based on your unique set of circumstances and creative outcomes are customized for your representation. Laura McGeachy is a supportive and compassionate attorney with the ability to separate the emotional aspects of your circumstances to give you sound, knowledgeable and objective advice. The Law Offices of Laura A. McGeachy, LLC, work with you to help you make informed, intelligent decisions for the most favorable outcome possible on your behalf.


Depending on your particular circumstances, divorce litigation may become necessary. The anxiety and emotions over your situation can sometimes hinder clear decision making and can be daunting for one to navigate alone. Laura McGeachy will guide and advise you throughout your entire case and zealously advocate on your behalf as needed. She has nearly 20 years of experience in handling all aspects of divorce proceedings, including parenting plans, child support, alimony, equitable division of property (assets and liabilities) which either results in uncontested divorces or contested hearings and trial if necessary. Laura McGeachy can help you navigate the complexities of the issues you are facing, manage your expectations, and strive to find the best possible outcome for you.

Attorney McGeachy is a certified Guardian Ad Litem and Attorney for Minor Child(ren) in Connecticut. As a Guardian Ad Litem (“GAL”), Laura evaluates what may be in the best interests of your minor child(ren) in order to develop recommendations as an aid to the court. As an Attorney for the Minor Child(ren) (“AMC”), Laura can represent your developmentally appropriate age child(ren) to advocate his/her/their expressed wishes to the court.


Couples who seek a speedier and more cost-effective divorce should consider mediation in order to facilitate an amicable agreement and uncontested divorce. Laura McGeachy acts as a neutral mediator between you and your spouse in order to reach a mutually agreeable custody and parenting plan, if applicable, and/or equitable distribution of your joint and individual assets and liabilities tailored to your family’s needs.